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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Since I started this blog in May of 2007, I've gotten all sorts of emails from all sorts of people. Some offered words of support, some wanted me to share their stories, some wanted me to promote their blogs, others have asked me for advice. I've even had women ask me out. But not until last week, did I truly feel that I'd arrived. I got an email from a company offering me my first potential sponsorship deal. And that's where you make the REAL money these days, not from Google Adsense. The letter is copied and pasted below:


I'm the webmaster of
I wanted to know if by any chance you would
beinterested in doing an unbiased review
(in English language) of our site on your
If you agree you can choose between
receiving a product sample or receiving a
payment. If you choose the product sample
instead of the payment the sample is yours
to keep and you don't need to send it back.
The product sample that you can get is
- a penis enhancer
and you can see it there:

Thank you

I initially hesitated, but after reading that they didn't want the sample back, I felt more at ease knowing they wouldn't send me a second-hand sample...or second-cock sample, in this case. I haven't noticed an increase in girth or length yet, but maybe that's because I can't get the thing to fit right. Although I have the adjustable version, I feel like I'm wearing a belt that's not the right size. One hole is too tight, the next one up is too loose. As a kid, my grandfather used to make holes in my belts for me with a nail and hammer when they didn't fit. Maybe I'll bring it to him. He always complains I don't visit enough, and I can't think of a better reason to go see him than to have him adjust my pecker enhancement bracelet. At 94, it's important that he feels needed. I just hope I can make it to him somehow. Brooklyn is due south and I feel like my crotch is being pulled toward the North Pole.

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Loverville said...

Congrats... you've truly arrived! Your first endorsement deal... I'm sure the Wheaties people will be calling any minute now.