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Monday, January 19, 2009


Here are some more google search phrases that landed people on this blog:

-"Eat pussy diary": Are there people out there logging their frequency of cunnilingus? And if so, why would anyone else wanna read about it?

- "Frum Pussy" - Pussy frum where exactly?

- "Frum horny" - Is this how orthodox Jews get their rocks off online?

- "How do you become most popular on Jdate?": You couldn't possibly be looking for an answer to that in a worse place. I'd still love to know how you get a view on Jdate.

-"I see the same old faces on": And did you think google was gonna make you feel better about it? Welcome to online dating. It sucks. Leave your house and meet someone in real life.

-"Jdate no response to emails" / "Jdate ignored": Welcome. You've come to the right place.

- "Jdate sucks for guys": And the earth is round, 2+2=4, don't eat the yellow snow...

-"She's a ass licker": Sounds like a keeper. Don't let her get away.

- "Sit on my facebook sarah": If Sarah's into threesomes, find the ass licker above and have a party.

-"Why do rab women shave their pussy?" If you meant to type "arab women," I'm shocked to learn that they do. With the head to toe covering, why would they care about mowing a lawn no one's gonna see?

-"You don't wanna become the asslicker": Agreed!

-"Fonz shvanz": My guess is that it was never that big. Why else would he overcompensate by chasing all those high school girls? Mr. Cunningham, on the other hand, looked like he may be packing some sausage. That's why Marion was always so cheerful.

And my favorite...

"My sneaker floored the gas while my cock filled her kunt": Even though you can't spell worth shit, I admire your ability to multi-task so effectively.


Anonymous said...

Do you date gentile women? When I was single I had mad crushes on one one Jewish guy after another but most of them wouldn't date outside the religion. Try it, you might like it.

Marc F. said...

Anon- I try not to in order to keep my mother from sticking her head in the oven, but I have.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I think it was me who found your site by asking the great Google of all knowledge how the popular list is decided on Jdate! (Or were there a lot of us?)
Because I find it's results hard to believe. If they're counting 'most profile views', surely a lot of those views must of been purely to check out the person who's IMing you. So he/she who IMs a lot looks popular???
Anyway, that was at least a year ago. Still lovin your blog :-) Still hating Jdate :-(