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Monday, October 1, 2007


With the internet dating done for a while, and the setup pool getting damn near empty, a friend sent me a link to a Craig's List posting from a young girl looking for love. She writes:

"I would like to meet someone nice. I think the men I have met are coming on too strong and It's not comfortable so I want to meet a nice man. I also have a special situation where i am looking to meet a good man for freindship who also has some freezer space because I have too many defects in my freezer and there is no room for any more. How did this happen. I had a stomach trouble and i went to a doctor -holisitic- who consulted me and told me he needed to see samples of something - I don't want to mention the word, He said take seran wrap and put on the toilet with some space and defect into it. I did this and tried to make an appointment to give him the defect but he is very busy and I can not reach him. I am worried because I paid him so I put the defect in the freezer until i can meet him. Now every day I have been making defects in the wrapper so they will be fresh and i can't talk to the doctor so I put them in the freezer too. I don't have any more room in my frezzer! If you have some room and also some time for a nice cup of coffee it would be nice to hear from you! I am a 23 years old Japanese female, slim."

I just emailed her, and made some room in the freezer. Keep your fingers crossed everybody!


gary said...

Chick sounds sexy. Good luck.

Shlepper Zygote said...

Why use a freezer when she can use that big cavity where her brain is supposed to be?

Ben said...

What I'm not getting is why does each specimen need to be individually wrapped and frozen?

jared said...

One word: Turdsicles.

rebecca said...

Oh my God, that is hysterical!