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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And I thought she'd be the one...

Got a flirt from a lovely Russian lady from Chicago. Her picture was attractive and she actually took the time to select a pre-written flirt that said, "I'm intrigued. Feel free to email me." I clicked on her profile with such excitement, I could barely contain myself. At first, I thought a long distance relationship would be difficult, but goddamnit!... SHE WAS INTRIGUED and she wanted ME to email her. How many other guys could she possibly be "intrigued" by and have sent that flirt to?... 20...30,000 maybe?

With bated breath I read her profile. I had Travelocity open in another window searching for available flights to the Windy City, as I read what she wrote in her "About Me" section:

"I the attractive girl felt propensity to dialogue. My vital principle it always to think concerning good and all this will be necessary well. I very much like to find new acquaintances, I всегдя find contact with new familiar."

I don't know what the hell "
всегдя" means, but something tells me it's Russian for "I want a green card."

Oddly enough her profile has since been removed, and I can't respond to her. I guess one of the other 30,000 guys she was intrigued by reported her to the Jdate police. Too bad. She could have been the Natasha to my Boris.


larry said...

I thought the Russians only wanted Russian speaking people. What's Russian for "I need someone to help me not get deported?"

Anonymous said...

It sounds like somebody made a joke. I wonder how many fake accounts there are on Jdate that people made just for one. This girl sounds like Borat. The Russian word is "vsegda" which means - always, but it's also misspelled. They probably removed her because she was a faker.

Shoshana said...

I thought you weren't logging into Jdate - what happened?!?

Marc F. said...

I'm allowed to log in if I'm contacted. Membership officially ends tomorrow night, though, after which I'll be utterly and completely done for a while with Jdate.