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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Lawyer/ OB/GYN

On Friday I was supposed to go out with a lawyer. The plan was for me to call her to confirm the details on Friday afternoon, which I did. After the standard "how is your day?" pleasantries, she told me she wasn't sure if she'd be able to make our date because her friend was in labor in the hospital. I asked her if she planned on being in the delivery room with the friend, and when she said no, I seemed a bit puzzled as to why her friend's gynecological situation was going to affect our date. She's a bit of a mumbler and a horrible liar so her reasoning for why she needed to be present during the birth was both unbelievable and incoherent. Unless the administering of epidurals is now something they teach in law school, this chick was clearly full of shit. I was, however, willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

She told me that if I didn't hear from her by 7 PM, to assume that our date was still on. I told her I'd rather she call me at 7 to let me know exactly if we were on or not simply as a courtesy. At this point, I knew the date was almost definitely off, but I still planned my evening around it, just in case.

Sure enough, Mrs. Matlock aka Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman called at 7 and said, "Would you be terribly offended, if we postponed our date? I'm still stuck at work," and she then followed up her lame excuse with some incoherent babbling about a friend being in from out of town, etc. So now she was cancelling the date because A. her friend was in labor, B. She was still stuck at work at 7pm on a Friday in the summer, and C. a friend was in from out of town.

Now, I always thought one of the first things they taught you to do in law school was to lie. After all, isn't that what being a lawyer is all about? But this chick must have been absent that day because she absolutely sucked at it. I politely told her that I wasn't offended and that she should go and enjoy her time with her friends, and that it was nice talking to her. I almost wanted to give her a lesson on how to lie since she clearly could have used it, but I was polite and cordial, as usual. She did, however, seem a bit taken aback that I made no effort to try and reschedule. In fact, she even flat out asked, "do you want to reschedule?" The truth is, I didn't, but I caved under the pressure, and said "Sure, what's your schedule like next week?"

She then proceeded to go through her "book" and read off every day that she WASN'T available. I could tell she was uncomfortable and I allowed her to stew in the juices of her mumbling deceit for a good minute before cutting her off and saying, "Why don't you call me, when you're available?" She said fine, and I said good night.

I have no hope of hearing from her, nor the slightest desire to meet her. What bothers me most, though, is that people no longer take pride in their work anymore. Not even their lies.


Steve said...

people really suck when it comes to cancelling, especially last minute like that. sounds like she got cold feet and didn't think her escape plan out well enough.

Sarah said...

Once again, it's that thing where people like to live in the online fantasy world, but get nervous when it's time to actually meet in person I wouldn't hold my breath though waiting for her to call back.

Max said...

When you didn't offer to reschedule, she had to have gotten the hint. Even when women cancel on you, they want you to take the initiative and ask them out again.

rebecca said...

You're right, she's definitely fully of shit and a terrible liar, next!