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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Gift Of Gablesness

I always thought women love to talk...about themselves, their jobs, their sister in law's boss' manicurist's pap smears...ANYTHING! Something happens to that ability to speak endlessly on any subject, however, during that first pre-date phone conversation. I've experienced more dead air during these conversations than a radio interview between Helen Keller and Marlee Matlin. I'm not trying to be non-PC, or obnoxious, but it is simply that bad.

I can only do the "fake hold" routine once a phone call. After that, the beads of sweat roll down my face hoping...praying that my cell phone, or theirs, goes dead. It never happens, though. Instead, we wind up discussing the same 2 or 3 subjects for the remainder of the conversation.

"How about that Jdate, huh? Some crazy people on there?"...Or my favorite, "Jdate's, okay. It's a cool way to meet people. I have no major complaints." I say this, of course, thinking to myself, "Jdate's okay?..Did I just say that? I have nothing BUT complaints. In fact, if this woman would say more to me than 'uh huh' or 'that's funny,' I'd tell her my complaints." But you've gotta be upbeat and positive during that first phone call so you can get to the actual date...where I can then experience the dead air in person.


isaac said...

Been there, brother. I think most people are just nervous on the first call, but when you're getting nothing in return, it's brutal.

Nikki said...

Been there too. It's same for men and women.

Simon said...

When I have one of those calls, I just tell the woman I need to go and it was a pleasure speaking with her. The end.