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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Had an IM session with a woman last night who asked me, "Are you kind?" My initial reaction was, "Sure. I'm animals, children, the elderly, you name it." But then she wrote back in CAPS: "NO! ARE YOU KIND?" Followed by a smiley face...Now, I've packed plenty of bowls in my day, but it took me a few seconds to get what she was asking. I avoided the question because I don't need to be the unwitting victim of Dateline's next "To Catch a Stoner" special. Last thing I need is to show up at some chick's house, sitting there in my underwear with a water bong, while some dude with a microphone and a camera crew comes barging in.

And besides, if this chick was simply looking for free weed, she ain't getting it from me. It's enough I have women looking for free dinners. Plus, who says, "Are you kind?" anymore? Is this 1974?

Maybe that's what the"J" in Jdate stands for now...I always though it stood for "Junior High School", or "Juvenile Behavior," or "Jerkoffs," maybe.


jared said...

Free weed on Jdate?????? Maybe I will re-up for another month.

Hilary said...

I'm sorry, but who asks that? That woman seems majorly lame.

I think we should hook up the women who email you with the men who email me. I bet there's at least one match there.

Marc F. said...

Maybe, but if the two of them procreate, and perpetuate the species of stupidity, I can't have that on my conscience.

Hilary said...

Good point. But we'll have made a match. That has to count for something.

Marc F. said...

I know the orthodox Jews believe you get into heaven when you make 3 matches. I think one match like this, though, will land us both in the depths of hell. Let's let the Jdate losers find each other while we just mock them.