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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Had a phone conversation with an extraordinary woman last night. Seems that every single thing you'd ever want to know about her is in her profile. Who knew you could fit that much info into those little boxes?

The highlights of the conversation went something like:

Me: Where do you live?
Her: It's in my profile.
Me: I know you live in the city, but where specifically?
Her: It's in my profile.
Me: Where do you work?
Her: It's in my profile.
Me: You're a teacher, I know. But in what type of school? public?...private?...elementary?..high school?
Her: Uh, it's in my profile. What's the point of writing a profile, if you're gonna ask all these questions?
Me: I read your profile, but I didn't memorize it.
Her: Maybe you should.
Me: Maybe I will. Nice talking to you. Have a good night.
Her: (taken aback): Uh...O-O-O-kay! Bye.

I hung up, and I'm sure she sat there scratching her head for a moment or two wondering what had just happened. If she ever wants to know why she's still single, she could look it up in her profile. I'm sure the answer is in there somewhere.


isaac said...

I would have hung up after the 2nd "it's in my profile."

sandra said...

Why bother with the phone call, or the date for that matter...or a relationship, or marriage? Just read each other's profile and be done with it all.

rebecca said...

Wow, what a stupid, clueless woman! I'm with Sandra and Isaac on this one. If my boyfriend had kept saying that during our first phone conversation, he never would have become my boyfriend!

del said...

After the second or third "It's in my profile you should have guessed that she worked in a public school.

ken said...

If everything about her were indeed in her profile, somewhere in it should be the line "I'm a bitter, angry bitch who will probably die alone."

Me said...