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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Should Anthony Weiner resign? Should every horny thirteen-year-old boy who sends dirty notes to the first girl in class to grow tits be forced to quit the eighth grade? Should the kid in camp who gets caught sniffing a girl's panties during a midnight raid be forced to pack his duffel bags and go home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be right. But I don't think any of them need treatment. They all just need to get laid. In the cases of the eighth grader and the camper, they eventually will. I'm not so sure about the congressman.

Even if his wife stays with him, he'll never see her naked again. If she leaves, and he winds up back on the prowl, what woman is gonna wanna fuck him? Guys that look like him usually need to work at a bank or be next in line to be mayor of New York City to get laid. Short, unemployed Jews with big schnozes and pictures of themselves with their shirts off are a hard sell on Jdate. Sure, he could pay for it, but he doesn't seem the type. If he were, this whole thing could've been avoided. Get caught banging prostitutes while being paid to serve the people of New York= resign and get a show on CNN. Get caught tweeting pictures of your cock = become a social pariah and wind up on Celebrity Rehab, crying about how hard it is not to tweet pictures of your cock.

I actually like Weiner. I heard him speak once at my father's synagogue and remembered thinking I'd vote for him for something. His rants on the house floor against the right have impressed me. And not that it affects me in any way, but the guy is packing substantial sausage - that's gotta be worth something. But politics and penises aside, the man is fucked...and sadly for Weiner, I don't mean that literally.


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