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Friday, January 21, 2011


Did you ever watch Sesame Street and wonder what it would be like to see Elmo get ass fingered, The Cookie Monster simulate whacking off, or to hear The Count tell Grover to fuck himself? If you have, get help, and afterward go see "Avenue Q." I was invited a while back by the producers to come see the show for an event they called "Blogger Night." Being congenitally unable to turn down free tickets to anything, I jumped at the chance. But as the night of the show drew closer, I started to wonder if I wanted to schlepp to the theater district and sit through a musical for two hours. I was still recovering from what felt like three (or maybe it was ten) of the most torturous hours I spent sitting in a theater watching Les Miserables eight years ago. Call me uncultured, call me unrefined, but I just can't get down with people breaking into song for no reason. So I told the Colombian to go with her sister, but she insisted on going with me. Apparently, chicks just love doing things with their men - a concept I sometimes need to be reminded of. I refrained from giving her the tired, old "We're not gonna be able to talk during the show anyway, so what's the difference who sits next to you?" routine, and I agreed to go with her, thinking that would at some point get me out of going somewhere else with her I didn't wanna go. (Because that's how men think, even the good ones like me. ... Then again, maybe it's just me).

So off we went on Wednesday night. I had done little research about the show and for some reason, based on the very little I read, I thought it would be like "Rent" with puppets - not that I'd ever seen "Rent," or really knew what that was about either. I shmuckily thought the "Q" stood for "queer," and I didn't think it would be something a straight dude would be into. But I was wrong. "Avenue Q" was a delight. Shit, it rubbed off on me! Just kidding. The show is fucking awesome! And I'm not the type of person who says that often about anything. I'll spare you all the plot summary and character breakdown, since you can get that at the Avenue Q website, and I'll just say if you're reading this blog because you like my sense of humor, you'll definitely get a kick out of "Avenue Q." When I wasn't laughing out loud, I had a smile on my face. Sure, they broke into song for no reason, but the songs were funny and original, and breaking into song is kinda the point of a musical anyway, right? In addition to the only act of Puppet 69 I'd ever seen, there were very clever Sesame Street/ Electric Company spoofs that played on TV screens every so often above the stage that complemented the action on stage. So if you'd like hearing a closeted homosexual puppet sing about how he wants to eat his made-up girlfriend's puppet pussy, or if you just wanna see a really great show with an extremely talented cast, and of course, hear puppets say "fuck," check out "Avenue Q."

They're offering discount tickets to my readers (as low as $55) until 5-26-11 when you use code AQBLOG12 at, on the phone or at the box office. Yes, my tickets were free, but had I known the show was this good, I'd have gladly paid $55 a pop for tickets. This from someone who took the Colombian to The Food Emporium around the corner from the theater for dinner after the show, so you know it must be good - the show, that is, not the Food Emporium. (Someone made a store just for me, someone's got my kind of quality my ass!)


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Loverville said...

Glad you gave it a chance -- Avenue Q is hilarious! (though embarrassing that I saw it with my parents, having to sit through puppet sex)

And... just read your last few posts -- very very funny!

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I gotta say I wasn't a huge fan. I felt like a lot of the jokes were somewhat corny. I must admit though, those puppeteers are incredibly talanted.

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Really fun!!!