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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My search for a new apartment is frustrating me almost as much as Jdate did back when I subjected myself to the misery that is online dating.

How Jdate and apartment hunting are the same:

1. The pictures you see online are always misleading. The major difference is, however, that the apartments are way smaller than they appear online. The women of Jdate are usually larger.

2. Most descriptions of apartments and women are vague and generic, and all you have to go by are the pictures before you view the object of your desire in person. Then, see #1.

3. The handful of apartments and women that seem genuinely interesting and attractive online are never available when you try and get inside them.

How they're different:

1. I've never been out with a woman from Jdate that smelled like urine.

2. An apartment never cancels an appointment to see it at the last minute with some lame excuse about how its friend just went into labor.

3. I've never had a Jdate ask to see a credit report. Although, one did practically ask to see my pay stubs.

4. After a few days, or weeks at most, you won't see the same apartments online over and over again.

5. I know I'll eventually find an apartment I like.


del said...

This is so cool! It sounds like you are just about ready to get back into the dating saddle. ;)

Seriously, good luck on the habitation front. Maybe you should just look for a house given the current prices. There is some rabbinical advice that you should hasten to buy property, but be more careful in selecting a wife.

Anonymous said...

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