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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


All this talk of raids on polygamist ranches has given me an idea for a business. Surely there must be men out there who want this type of lifestyle, but don't know how to go about getting it. For these men, I've come up with "Polygy-date." It works just like Jdate or, only instead of viewing one woman at at time, each profile has at least 3 women in it. A sample profile might look like:

MEMBER NAME: MustLuvJesus92

: 14, 17, 25
LOCATION: Eldorado, Texas
LOOKING FOR: Marriage, children, years of mental and physical abuse, forced sex in the name of god.
LOGGED IN: 1 hour and 46 minutes ago

ABOUT US: We love to work hard and play hard, and are as comfortable in jeans as we are in homemade smocks. Our sister wives and families are very important to us. We'd be happy with a night out on the compound, or just cuddling on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy. We're not paying members so contact us at our member name plus the third word in John 3:16 at the place with the little yellow running man. Met fans, and those who don't accept Christ as their savior need not apply.

There could even be a "Success Stories" section:
Dear Polygy-date,
I signed up for a premium membership after a friend suggested I try your site. I'm so glad I did. Me and my five underaged wives are so happy together. Thanks Polygy-date.

Jebediah, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Abigail, Margaret

Idaho Falls, Idaho

At $39.99 a month per customer, and some banner ads paid for by the Church of Latter Day Saints, this could be a real money maker. Interested investors may contact me.