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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Got "Eh'd"

A couple of weeks back I had one of those uneventful dates that wasn't blog worthy. She was so so looking, not all that interesting, and I forgot about her pretty much after the post date debriefing with the friend who set us up. I gave him my standard "She's nice, but not for me" line. That was it. He accepted it without trying to urge me to go out with her one more time, like so many others have done in the past.

I hadn't spoken to my friend since that conversation until he called last night to say hello. We spoke a bit about the usual stuff, and spent a few minutes discussing how our new blind governor has managed to get so much action. Do chicks dig blind dudes?, we pondered together. How does he see what he's doing?, we wondered. Even amongst fully sighted people with the lights on, things wind up in the wrong places occasionally. This guy probably isn't even getting close to his targets, so how's he getting all that ass?, we wanted to know. To make ourselves feel better, we agreed that the women he was getting were just into the whole power thing. A logical explanation, but the guy seems pretty cool and laid back, and probably has some game too.

Once we got off of the topic of the governor, my friend mentioned that he spoke to the chick he set me up with a couple of weeks ago.

"Really?," I said, trying to act cool.

"Yeah," he said, as if trying to goad me into asking more. But I didn't.

"We spoke about your date," he continued.

"Yeah? What'd she say?," I asked, pretending not to care.

"Eh," he said.

"What do you mean, 'Eh?'," I inquired.

"I asked her how the date was, and she said "Eh!," he told me.

"No 'He's a nice guy, but not for me?'," I asked.

"Nope. Just 'Eh.'"

"This chick is the ultimate 'Eh,' but I at least was nice when I told you I wasn't interested," I said. "I know she's your friend, and I didn't want to insult her...or you."

"I know, and I respect that," he replied. "Nevertheless, she said your date was 'Eh'."

"Why do I sense that you're getting pleasure out of this?," I asked him.

"'Hey listen, you pretty much said the same thing about her. You just had more couth," he said.

"Yeah well, to be 'Eh'd' by someone who is the poster child for 'Eh,' kind of irritates me," I responded.

"You'll get over it," he said. "Let's get a couple of seeing eye dogs and try to pick up chicks in the park this weekend. It'll make you feel better. What do you say?"

"Eh," is what I said.