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Friday, February 22, 2008

The Windshield Remark

"Don't you hate those assholes who clean just enough snow off their windshields to see, and leave the rest of the car covered in snow? They drive around with like 2 feet of snow on their roofs. It's always irritated the shit out of me," I said to last night's date as the topic of conversation turned to the impending storm.

"I do that," she responded, rather stoically. "If you're in a rush, who has time to clean the whole car?"

"Fair enough," I said.

She had a point, and I pretty much called her an irritating asshole for no reason. My bad.

I awkwardly kind of tried to apologize, and she begrudgingly kind of accepted. What followed was a series of uncomfortable silences, and her staring at her watch a lot.

I'm better off, though, I think. After all, I could never be with one of those assholes who cleans just enough snow off their windshields to see...that irritates the shit out of me.


Miranda said...

Hey, at least you were honest. You probably saved yourself some time and emotional turmoil. Just imagine if you'd found out she didn't wipe enough snow off the windshield for your liking later into your relationship...

jared said...

You put your foot in your mouth, but you tried to apologize. That should be enough. If she's gonna stare at her watch the rest of the night because of it that's her, who needs to be with someone wth 2 feet of snow ontheir car roof. It IS irritating.

ron said...

In a rush? So, like, how much time does it really take to clean snow off the car, even if there really are two feet? Plus, you can warm up the engine, a good thing in the cold weather.

If she is that inconsiderate to other drivers, you wonder how she would treat you in a few months.