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Friday, February 1, 2008


I've been on Facebook for 3 days now. I have a bunch of friends, and every time one of them farts, it gets posted in my "News Feeds." Is that what Facebook is for? I honestly don't get this. I know my cousin was playing "Scramble" with some chick at 10:19 last night, and that some dude my brother is friends with is going to some chick's birthday party on Saturday night. - All information that appears on MY homepage for the world to see. I am now defined by the fact that someone I barely know has added "eating cocoa puffs, and banging beeyotches" to his list of favorite activities.

And oh yeah, the chick who got me to sign up in the first place found me. She asked to be my friend, I accepted, and now we're "friends" on Facebook. Exactly what I was looking for in a relationship - a woman I'll never meet whose picture is posted on a wall in my own little room in cyberspace.

Truth is she's not that great looking, and the string of comments on her page posted by her and her friends are so moronic that I have not the slightest desire to date her. ...Didn't stop me from poking her, though....A few times!


Miranda said...

Ah ha! So, you *were* able to tell quite a bit about this chick from her friends. Next, you'll be asking potential dates to become your "friend" first! (not a bad concept)

I know facebook seems to be a pass-time for the dimwitted, but some of us use it to keep in touch with friends from overseas. A photo can bring you a little bit closer :)

lilly said...

Someone commented in the original post that she doesn't use facebook for dating. I agree for the very reason you wrote about. You may have little inside jokes you and your friends find funny, but to an outsider looking in, they make you look and sound like an ass, and therefore, undateable.

Max said...

It's good for keeping in touch with long lost friends, or people you might not ordinarily contact, but people definitely make jackasses of themselves on this chick clearly did.

josh said...

It's just yet another distraction from boredom.

rebecca said...

You poked her?