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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Joannie Hates Chachi

I spoke to a woman last night who can't stand the Scott Baio show, or me for watching it. I wish her name was actually Joannie so the post title would make sense, but sadly it's not.

"I don't make a point of watching it when it's on," I told her, "But I've got the DVR programmed."

"Oh my god. You're recording that shit?" she scoffed.

"Why such anger towards Chachi?" I wondered out loud.

"He's an ego maniacal asshole. I hate guys who go around screwing these vapid women, and objectifying them. And now we reward them for it with their own TV shows?," she preached.

She had a good point, I thought to myself, but c'mon, it's Chachi. And that's exactly what I told her.

"C'mon, it's Chachi. You gotta love Chachi."

"What the hell for?" she responded.

"'Cuz he's like the junior Fonz. He's cool."

She sighed deeply, and proclaimed, "I understand you're being sarcastic, and trying to be least I hope you are, but I don't find this funny at all. He's so replusive to me, it gets me angry."

"Who, Chachi?," I said, "C'm-o-o-o-on!"

Then I heard, "I gotta go," followed by a click.

I sat there with phone still in hand, after pretty much being hung up on, thinking, wow, this chick really fuckin' hates Chachi.

Man, I wish her name was Joannie!


jared said...

Sounds like an extreme feminist...aka "a major pain in the ass."...This one did you a favor by hanging up.

Nikki said...

Yes, she does make a good point regarding the whole objectification of women thing, but I like the show.

Ken said...


rebecca said...

Wow, she needs to loosen the hell up!

Miranda said...

Hanging up on someone is low, and the topic definitely doesn't warrant such rash action... still, I understand her point. She made it clear she wasn't into Chachi, and she gave you her reasons why. I think she sensed you didn't respect her opinion.

SaraK said...

It's not like you guys were talking politics or about something important. Man, she needs to loosen up!

Hillary said...

C'mon! Watching Chachi's spiral of destruction was hilarious AND his road to a new Chachi (with baby AND wife) was inspiring. That chick needs to dislodge the stick...