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Monday, October 8, 2007


That's what the guy on the radio said as he encouraged me and every other single guy to rush and sign up for I get what they're going for from a marketing perspective, but how's that supposed to make the women feel? If I were a woman on, I wouldn't appreciate being treated like excess inventory. If Match was a store, would there be a big sign in the window saying, "ALL WOMEN MUST GO!?"

From a man's perspective, one has to wonder why there are so many women on the site? Is Match now the Costco of dating sites? Do they come in bulk? Or are they offering slightly irregular women the way Costco offers Calvin Klein Jeans that are not quite right. They look okay in the store, are a bargain, but when you take them home and try them on, there's something a little off about them. Sure, you'll wear them around the house, or somewhere where you don't care who sees you, but you'll never take them anywhere nice.

I'm sure's marketing campaign will generate some revenue initially, but I have a feeling that when you meet some of the women that Match "has too many "of, you'll wish their return policy was as liberal as Costco's.


Joe said...

Heard that ad too. I'm surprised women aren't up in arms over it. It's pretty offensive when you think about it.

Don'tCallMeMarvin said...

Instead of their 6 months free thing, Match should offer a return policy on bad dates. Send them an email.

kim said...

It's actually very offensive, but I'll bet plenty of guys signed up as a result.

Steve said...

I'm on Match. I see the same faces over and over like you have on Jdate. If they have too many women, I'd love to know where they're hiding.

Miranda said...

As a woman who doesn't "do" internet dating, this news makes me even less interested in taking that path.

It isn't a big surprise to me that there are more women on Match than men... isn't that the same for ALL dating websites?

I don't think it is necessarily a marker of the women's caliber.... however, I do appreciate your sarcasm DD.

Matthew said...

Actually, I think there are plenty of women out there who blame their difficulty in finding a match on there being too many women on - too much competition. In fact, I blame my own inability to find a boy on jdate on there being too many men on jdate. So they are merely mirroring a concern which many women already tacitly acknowledge. :) Lol