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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Orthodox and the Clueless

If you've never been to this site, and you need a good laugh, I highly urge you to visit. It's stunning, hilarious, and scary all at once. The fact that there are "adults" out there who are actually having these types of discussions on online forums makes me shudder at the fact these people are actually procreating...or at least trying to.

A quick sampling, if you're not quite convinced to click on the link above:

"B"h (baruch hashem/ praise god) my husband and I have a great sex life. I really have the urge to get a dildo though for those long Sundays when he's in yeshiva the whole day. How can I get one discreetly? Is it mutar (allowed)? Also, what it be mutar for me to get a strapon and use it on him? Any advice appreciated; keep your mussar to yourselves."

Consider this my little holiday gift to all my Jewish readers. Enjoy and have a great New Year!


mo said...

I'd love to hear the rabbi's ruling on whether she can strap one on and use it on her husband...Does the husband have a say in that at all?

Linda said...

I love the one about the guy who thinks he's gonna burn in hell because he "masterbates." Religion is such a wonderful thing in the hands of the ignorant.

jared said...

"hands of the ignorant"...pun intended?

Nice Jewish Guy said...

I am (Modern) Orthodox, and am a frequent visitor to that site. I'm also the first to call out the practices of Orthodoxy that don't make any sense. But while you're all having a good laugh at the expense of the Orthodox, bear in mind several things: first, like any site with discussions of a sexual nature, there are going to be trolls, who post ludicrous things just to get a rise (pun) out of people. IMO that strap-on post was by a troll.

Secondly, and more importantly, bear in mind that many Orthodox, especially the more right-wing and ultra-orthodox and Hasidic, were reared in a very gender-segregated environment. No coed schools from nursery through high school. No mixers. No dances. No hanging out at a girl's house. Many of the stricter orthodox and Hassidic have never even held a girl's hand, much less kissed, before getting married, and then that after a few month's dating. It may seem impossible to believe, but it's true. Are they weird? Are they bizarre? Perhaps. But it's their system. I couldn't do it, but a lot of them make it work.

I think that instead of belittling them for their naivete, maybe we should applaud them, for despite being brought up so sheltered, they are willing to explore their sexuality.

Frum but Thinking said...

This is too funny! I think you actually made my night with this link.
MY own personal favorite on the site, the argument for or against anal.