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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I've decided to take on a Jdate sponsor of sorts...much in the same vein as an alcoholics anonymous sponsor. The rules of the sponsorship program are as follows:

1. I'm only to log on to Jdate if I receive an email. Once logged on, I am to respond, or not respond, as appropriate, and then I must log off immediately. No more contacting women on my own.

2. If I feel the urge to log on on without having been solicited, I must call my sponsor and have him talk me out of it.

3. If my sponsor can not be reached, I must find something to do that would be more productive than logging on to Jdate, like stabbing myself in the eye with a pen, for example.

If this program doesn't work, medication may be the next step. That, or shock therapy!


kim said...

excellent plan. do you have to go through the 12 steps too?

Marc F. said...

Yes, and each step is the same: Don't log on to Jdate!

quagmire said...

i hope when you reach step 11- the one where you must request forgiveness from those youve hurt, that you apologize to us for sitting through this painful story of your life.

Shoshana said...

Great job - just make sure that your sponsor is strong enough to hold you down while you are fighting your urge to log on!

Marc F. said...


The person who should be asking forgiveness from you is the one who's holding a gun to your head forcing you to read my blog.

Once you take care of that, move out of your parent's basement, put the Family Guy DVDs away and think about some anger management sesssions.

rebecca said...

Good comeback, Marc! :-)