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Monday, August 6, 2007


So schmuck that I am, I resubscribed to the ol' JD, and got to work. After countless "declines" by women of all ages, shapes and sizes, I get a response to an IM from a very pretty girl. The conversation was going okay for the first three or four IMs back and forth, until she asks me if I think she is above average looking. The question came out of left field so it took me a moment or two to respond, but she quickly wrote back before I could: "IS THAT A NO?" I knew right away I was dealing with someone in need of some Thorazine, and started to sadly realize why she responded to my IM in the first place....because she's fucking insane! I knew it was too good to be true. I assured her that she was in fact quite attractive, and that that was one of the reasons I contacted her.

Without even a thank you for the compliment, she proceeded to go on a diatribe about how people on Jdate are weird and mean, and that she went out with a guy once who was sleeping with his own sister. When I asked her how she knew that, she assured me that she "just knew." I guess her psychopathic intuition has a way of tapping into the incestuous proclivities of her dates. I questioned her some more about it merely out of morbid curiosity, but she then went silent on me and the conversation was over.

So even after a break of about a week, I have no problem attracting the lunatics. Good to know I still got it!


Anonymous said...
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Isaac said...

yep. you still got it, baby!

larry said...

The "do you thibk I'm pretty?," or "do you think I'm fat?" routine is creepy when you don't even know a person.

rebecca said...

Marc, you should have listened to me when I told you to take a break. Stop being a glutton for punishment!