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Sunday, July 29, 2007

You Think You're Out, but They Try to Pull You Back In

So since the Jdate membership lapsed I've gotten two emails. One from some very attractive Russian chick who blew me off twice on the phone. What she possibly has to say to me now via email a week after two unsuccessful phone calls is beyond me, but I ain't paying the $39.99 to find out. I'm sure she just wrote back "hi" in response to my original unresponded to IM to her, not realizing she'd already given me her number in a different IM session and blown me off when I called. I have to admit, though, that there is that little part of me that wants to know what she wrote. Maybe an invite over to Brighton Beach for some borscht and an afternoon delight?...Yeah, right!

The other email was from some no picture woman from Morocco who writes in her "About Me" section: "hi to all i look for a serieuse reltion schipes and honnete man."

I wish her luck finding her, as she writes in the who she's looking for section, "
a man serieu genreux fidel nice and who likes me much," but again, I'm not shelling out for the membership fee, or the plane fare she'll eventually be asking for after she sends me pictures of herself in her underwear. (Yes, that's actually happened before)...But then again, how could having a woman send you pictures of herself in her underwear be a bad thing?

So even though I'm no longer a member, Jdate still finds a way to taunt me, and make me even think about resubscribing. The bastards are good. I'll give them that.


Mo said...

borscht and afternoon delight may be worth $39.99.

leon said...

Take a deep breathe, and walk away from the keyboard. Another month doesn't sound like what you need right now.

will said...

So is this Moroccan illiterate in French or does what she wrote actually make sense?

Matthew said...

Don't Do It! Walk Away.

rebecca said...

If you're really serious about having a break from JDate, email them and ask to be taken off their email list. That's what I had to do.

Ron said...

WALK AWAY! I have seen news reports that say that these dating services have ringers (a.k.a. attractive women) who send you e-mails just when you are letting your membership lapse. If you do renew, these people will vaporize.