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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not So Hot For Teacher

As I read more and more profiles written by teachers, I start to realize why U.S. students rank somewhere beneath students from Tajikistan in terms of overall skills. How do we expect our children to read and write properly when the people responsible for their education have not yet mastered basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Almost every time I read a 15 line sentence without a single comma, semi-colon, dash, or coherent thought, it's written by a teacher. I wouldn't dare expect them to understand the difference between your and you're, or their and they're. That's like for really smart people and stuff, but "Reading, movies, traveling, shopping" does not a sentence make, especially when that's all you've written to describe yourself. "Play tennis and golf."... Also, not a sentence. Shouldn't teachers who teach fourth grade, read and write on at least a fifth grade level?

I know plenty of women who are intelligent and interesting AND teachers. I've even dated a few over the years. I didn't meet any of them online, though, which is probably a good thing.


isaac said...

Pretty much all the teachers I've ever dated were kind of dull too. Not trying to hate on teachers. Just my experience.

Poopie said...

To Teach in the city system, you dont need much more then a fourth grade level.

mo said...

Thos who can, do. Those who can't, wind up on Jdate.

Joe said...

Just the other day I read a profile of a woman who's a High School English teacher. I was stunned at how poorly it was written.

Ben said...

I've gone out w/ a few teachers from dating sites. They all write how they love their jobs and how working with kids is so great, but then after a few dates, they tell you how they hate their jobs...and when you have to sit their listening to them, you start to hate the date you're on.

Ron said...

Most teachers only last five years in the profession. Maybe in New York it's better because of the generous benefits. Anyway, if they aren't in that profession all that long, you should find out if they have any practical talents.

A cynical person, of course, would say that being a teacher makes one not want to have kids (or makes someone want to put their kids in private school). ;)

I must say that if you do volunteer work for a school or day care center, you will meet a WHOLE LOT of women!