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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Don't you hate when you click on a link to a blog, all excited at the prospect of reading or watching something that will kill at least a few minutes in an otherwise not so exciting day, only to land on a page that hasn't had a new post in over a year? Yeah, well, sorry about that. I've been out of the dating scene for a long time now, and I have nothing left to say on the subject...other than I don't miss all! If I ever had to date again, I'm not even sure what I'd write in my online dating profile. I'd probably start with something like, "I like to work hard and play hard...but always in baggy you'd never know." Yeah, it's probably better that I'm out of that scene. But if you're still in it, or enjoy reading about it, please feel free to look around. There are years of bad date stories for you to enjoy, if you need a distraction from work, your kids, Facebook, or life in general.

For all those who've emailed about updates about the Diary of a Disillusioned Dater book, that's still up in the air. Various agents and publishers have all thought it was "very funny," "hysterical," and "very well written," but the publishing business being in the midst of the shit storm it's in has made it challenging to get the book published in the traditional manner. There's always Kindle Direct Publishing, but I don't want my poor old Jewish grandmother to have to tell her friends that her grandson writes books, "but only for the computer." There's also been some talk of a possible TV show based on the blog. I'll keep you posted, I promise.

In the meantime, once you're done wasting valuable time here that could have been used liking a picture of your friend's lunch on Facebook, check out my new site at There's lots to read there too.



Justin said...

I enjoyed this. It's hard to get back into the dating scene but i find it quite amusing that your not one of those guys that whine or make a big deal out of it, we've all been there :)

Mike said...

New site has been booked-marked.

Anonymous said...

will visit your site too often now loved the quote with the picture of einstein

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