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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Never Judge a Book By Its Do Rag

I sat in a subway car yesterday afraid I might not make it out alive. Huddled in a corner near me was a group of street toughs discussing what I thought was a gang hit.

"He dead, son!" the apparent leader of the group told one of his soldiers.
"What?! Nah!" he responded.
"Yeah, motherfucker. He DEAD!" the leader exclaimed, as I tried my best to look away, hoping they wouldn't notice me.

I waited anxiously for the train to pull into the next station, so I could get off before they realized I was a witness to a confession of murder.

"He dead? F'real?" a third member of the group asked the leader.
"Bitch, I'm telling you. Megatron is dead! He got killed in the first movie!"


Dark Cloud Nine said...

I can NOT believe you gave that away before I went to see it!!

Dark Cloud Nine said...

oh wait.. first movie you said? :p

Jamie: said...

oh that's classic. Love it.