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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Words

It's easy. Just update your Facebook status to: "Took a HUGGGGE shit. I love the smell of poop!"

Yes, that's an actual Facebook status from an actual woman/girl.

I've deactivated my own Facebook account because I no longer see any reason to have one, but when a friend wanted to show me a picture of some chick he'd befriended, the shitter's status update appeared on his home page. The status was followed by such comments from her friends like " u go girl" and "too funny...lmfao." Upon clicking on her profile, I was amazed to learn that she had a boyfriend, but not surprised that he didn't comment on her declaration of defecation. In her defense, she's only twenty-years old, and based on her pictures, I don't doubt that her turds are as monumental as she claims.

I wonder, however, if somewhere her boyfriend is figuring out how to dump her - pun intended.

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Beth said...

This is exactly why I got rid my own Facebook account. Not because I was so horrified with my friends revelations, but because I was so horrified with my own. I also was very compelled to reveal things about myself, make up things, and then embarrass myself daily with what I thought were clever puns and witticisms. People with poor impulse control should not be on Facebook.