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Monday, November 3, 2008


As the dating hiatus continues, and my social life remains non-existent, I found myself sitting on my sofa this past Saturday night watching "27 Dresses" on HBO. And I didn't just watch a few minutes of it to check out Katherine Heigl and the other not so famous blond chick who's in it. I watched the whole damn thing from lame beginning to "predictable as an Orthodox Jew voting for McCain because they think Obama's bad for Israel because he's a Muslim" ending.

For an hour and a half I watched Katherine Heigl try her best to get noticed by Ed Burns - like Ed wasn't all over her shit when the cameras stopped rolling. At least they spared the audience from having to watch the cliche'd gay best friend who tries to give the lead advice on how to get the guy. Instead, they went with the sassy, skanky best friend who for some reason is always played by this chick - someone who reminds me of every chick on Jdate who looks good in her picture, but is kind of "eh" when you meet, but you'd do her anyway.

The fact that I sat home on a Saturday night, watching this movie all the way through without a gun to my head, is making me doubt whether I should be dating women anyway. Maybe the dating moratorium needs to come to an end to shake me out of my current state...or maybe there's a Project Runway marathon on soon that I can watch.


LSizzle said...

The blond best friend's name is Judy Greer. She's generally pretty funny as the token best friend, I like her. She recently played the call-girl ,Trixie, on Californication which gave her extra points in my book. There's nothing wrong with watching a movie like that...despite all of it's suckiness...I truly feel that a man watching a chick flick does not emasculate him the way he fears it may. You watched it as a character study.."they really think that?"..."they want the guy to do that?" all helps to see what kind of image and expectations are subjected onto the females of society through Hollywood garbage like the aforementioned.

Honey said...

Hey, Top Chef is starting a new season soon. That could be the next pit stop on your downward spiral...

belle said...

you know, funny thing is, if you started a JD profile with this post, you'd probably get a lot of girls who'd be happy to go out with you!

Although. I don't know. Girls who rate 27 Dresses as their favorite movie may not be the ones you want.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't knock the "Benny and the Jets" scene in that movie!!