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Monday, October 6, 2008


You read stories like this, and you wonder why it didn't work out:

"Simon and Chana Taub were introduced by a fellow Orthodox Jew, a used-car salesman who, after selling Chana an aging Oldsmobile sedan, asked if she was by chance looking for a husband. She was. A divorced mother of two, she worked as a secretary at a yeshiva and stretched to make the rent for her small apartment.

Simon was divorced, too, with two daughters living a few miles away. The first time Simon called on Chana, he took her for a ride in his Cadillac and then to the finest kosher restaurant in the city, a French place in Midtown Manhattan swathed in red velvet.

A few months later, they agreed to marry. As they tell it now, their pairing was far from romantic. Both were in their mid-30s, and the match seemed workable enough. ‘‘I was looking for someone educated, and I wanted someone who made a good living,’’ Chana said. ‘‘I wasn’t looking for someone extra-special.’’ Neither, apparently, was Simon: ‘‘I thought in the beginning that she was a quiet person who wouldn’t make arguments, and when I was dating, quiet meant a lot to me. Whatever I said, she said, ‘O.K.’’’

Imagine what their "Frumster" profiles would look like, if they met online:

What I'm looking for: Someone with a Cadillac who'll pay my bills and won't make me vomit.

What I'm looking for: Someone who'll just shut the fuck up!!

Read the full story here in the NY Times. It's worth it.


Slam Duk said...

And where would these two be without Torah? ;)

del said...

As with many divorce stories, the only winners are the lawyers!

CupidsReviews Heidi said...

nutty! Some people are strange strange strange. Also it is a pretty well known fact that if you want to marry someone who 'will just shut the f up' chances are that you shouldnt be looking for a jewish woman! Either way why marry without love. Freaks!

Nicole Kline said...

It's War of the Roses! er Taubs!