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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grandma's Got The Clap

No, not mine. But someone's does.

The Huffington Post reports that STDs are on the rise for the older generation, and from the picture they posted (see below), this grandma is none too pleased about it. The guy she apparently got it from doesn't seem too upset, though. Kinda looks like he's just chilling, watching the Met game - unfazed by the prospect of painful urination and unsightly discharges from places where discharges should not be unsightly. And this guy looks like he's already got enough unsightliness going on under those JC Penney boxer shorts without the gonorrhea.

I'm guessing from the looks of things that these two may not work this out, so if you're out there on, or SeniorMatch, or GeritolConnection, steer clear of this diseased duo unless you see a test result, or an empty bottle of antibiotics in their medicine cabinets.

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