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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Their database, that is. And I can't get the hell out. I've unsubscribed from their list a dozen times, but I keep getting these emails from them:

You make one mistake 8 months ago by subscribing to a free dating site, and you're forever stuck in third tier Jewish dating site spam hell. All I really remember was filling out the profile just enough so I'd be able to search for women, and thinking that the moment a request for a credit card came into the equation, I'd be done. They never asked for money, but of the 14 women that actually came up in my search, 6 I'd already seen on Jdate, 5 had no pictures, and 3 looked like rejects from a 1970s Bulgarian mail order bride catalog.

What I find puzzling is how the legal department at Jdate isn't creaming themselves over the similarities in logos between theirs and Jlove's. Maybe they are.

But what most concerns me is why my screen name on this site is "Matzohballs?" I was taking it semi-seriously when I filled out the profile so I doubt that I'd go with such a cheesy name of my own volition. Maybe I did. It was a while ago. Or do the people at Jlove affectionately call all 29 of their members "Matzohballs?" Is that a cute little thing that they do?

If that's the case, I wish they'd grab me by my unleavened dumpling sack, and pull me the hell out of their system already.


larry said...

I love unleavened dumpling sack soup.

isaac said...

I have a profile on there too that I never use. Only did it because it's free. They have no members.

freddie said...

you'd think the free sites would be full of people, but I guess people like paying all that money to jdate, and m atch, and the others.

Miranda said...

Yes, people love to pay. The psychology of sales tells us people want to fork out because they equate the value of the dollar paid with the worth of the product. Anything free makes us wonder... especially in the online dating world. Why would a chick want to meet a guy who is so cheap he uses a free dating website?!!! (or vice versa)
And, I'd have my doubts about contacting anyone by the screen name of Matzohballs too ;)

Anonymous said...


NEW YORK, -- Spark Networks (LOV.A: Quote, Profile, Research), home to popular Jewish online dating site, is seeking a buyer and is talking to leading social networks and Web dating communities, The New York Times said on Friday.

Spark shares rose more than 15 percent to $5.60 in midday trading after the Times said the company could fetch a price as high as $185 million, based on analyst estimates. That would represent a premium of nearly 40 percent to its closing price on Thursday.

Brian said...

This is what I found on their site:

'JLoveTM is privately held, with dedicated teams of online dating experts in Los Angeles and Toronto. is owned and operated by JLove, LLC. JLoveTM, JTypeTM, Instant JLoveTM and Where Jewish Love BeginsTM are trademarks of JLove, LLC. JLove is not affiliated with JDate in any way."...Except for stealing their logo.